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The Poverty of Fictional Storytelling in Mainstream Economics

Lars P. Syll

Published 28 Jun 2023 by WEA Books

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“No one does more than Lars Syll to identify and communicate the limitations of modern economics. An impassioned call and compelling sustained argument for economists to stop dwelling on the intricacies of irrelevant models and concern themselves with rest of the social reality.”

Tony Lawson, Cambridge University


"Lars Syll’s new book gets to the heart of what’s methodologically wrong with mainstream economics and maps out foundations for a critical realist economics."

John Davis, University of Amsterdam, and Marquette University

"This is a wonderful book. From the perspective of Critical Realism, it offers a comprehensive and powerful critique of the praxis and methodology of mainstream economics. In a clear and well-argued text, all the main failures and biases of mainstream methodology of economics are carefully analyzed and refuted. It also explains why economics, if it is to become a real science, it must engage with economic reality as an open system."

Gustavo Marqués, University of Buenos Aires

"This is a timely update of the debate of methodological issues in economics. It demonstrates that despite 30 years of critical-realist critiquing, little if anything with regard to economic methodology has changed in mainstream models and textbooks, with the consequence that mainstream economists have been unable to predict or explain the major economic crises of the 21st century."

Jesper Jespersen, Roskilde University, Denmark

ISBN (eBook):1911156632
ISBN (print):1911156632