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Conference Planning Guidelines

  1. To facilitate interaction between conference participants and authors, each WEA Online Conference will have a designated online Discussion Forum.
  2. All authors are strongly encouraged to take part in the Discussion Forum by commenting on other’s proposals.
  3. Comments and replies are posted during the Discussion Forum period which normally lasts four weeks.
  4. Comments are moderated prior to posting to ensure no libellous or hateful language is published.
  5. Authors will receive e-certificates after closing the Discussion Forum
  6. The conference ends at the closing of the Discussion Forum.

WEA Webinar

  1. Whenever feasible, conference organisers will additionally arrange a webinar.
  2. Participation in this webinar is highly encouraged for all authors.
  3. Each of the authors will receive an email containing the webinar’s details.

WEA Book Project

Following the Discussion Forum, all authors will be encouraged to participate in the Conference Book Project, which will be part of the WEA Conference Book Series.