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Conference Guidelines

Before submitting for a Conference, please check:

  • Manuscripts must be in English and the paper must be self-contained.
  • Please make sure to format the first page of the manuscript according to the template designed for each specific conference (to be found on the Submissions page of the Conference).
  • Length of papers. We invite contributors to be concise and the papers should not be longer than 8,000 words. The Conference Leaders in consultation with the Chair of the Conference Organization Committee reserve the right to demand that a paper is made concise before it is put online in the Discussion Forum.
  • Extensive mathematical derivation and proofs should be put in an appendix if possible and limited to the necessary. Whenever full data cannot be easily fitted either in the body of the paper or in the appendices, authors should provide the relevant information for replicating their findings and invite readers to personal contact for fuller information. The author(s) must disclose in a footnote any personal or professional links they may have with the industry/companies/institutions they are writing about or declare that there are none. Failure to disclose any material conflict of interest may result in temporary or permanent exclusion from WEA journals and – in cases of serious or repeated infringement – in exclusion from the World Economics Association.
  • Please make sure that citations and reference style are consistent throughout the paper.

Discussion Forum

To facilitate interaction between conference participants and authors, each WEA Online Conference will have a designated Discussion Forum (DF). The Discussion Forum is online, and it includes all accepted papers and invited key-note addresses. WEA Members and visitors are strongly encouraged to comment on papers of interest to them. Whenever possible, conference leaders will also arrange for comments by designated discussants. All authors are also strongly encouraged to take part in the Discussion Forum by commenting on other papers. Comments are moderated prior to posting to ensure no libellous or hateful language is published.

Comments and replies are posted during the Discussion Forum period which normally lasts from four to six weeks. Leaders, in consultation with the Chair of the WEA Conferences, can extend the period to give the papers a fair chance of being commented on.

All papers and comments will be attributed and can be referenced. Authors and commentators will receive a conference participation certificate. We hope that this will encourage commentators to make novel points leading to possible development of the research topic.

Advertise your book

The Book Stall of WEA Conferences aim to advertise conference-related books.

Individual WEA members can advertise their conference-related books for a fee of £10 during the conference. Conference leaders and authors of accepted papers for the conference will be able to advertise their conference related books for a fee of £5 during the Conference.

If you would like to advertise your book, please send the following information to Maria Alejanda Madi (

  • a high resolution image of the book cover (preferably JPEG format)
  • the URL of the preferred place where the book can be bought, and
  • a biographical note
  • at least one short review (up to 300 words)

The payment details can be checked at:


The conference ends at the closing of the Discussion Forum.

After the conference, the publication of the papers may be at the authors’ own initiative. Authors are free to submit their papers for publication wherever and whenever they wish. We ask authors of conference papers to notify us of publication of their paper so that we can update the Conference webpage.

For each conference there is a possibility we may publish a special volume of a WEA Book and/or WEA e-Book, within the WEA series, containing selected papers, published in collaboration with College Publications

The editors of the WEA journals may also offer publication to some of the conference papers on the basis of their own judgment. They may consider – in consultation with the Conference Leaders – a special issue of their journal based on selected papers from the conference. Other than being part of the WEA, there is no formal or organisational connection between the conferences and the WEA journals.

After publication, the papers will be excluded from the website and only the abstracts and comments will be kept in our archives.

We encourage visitors to read and cite the latest/published version of the paper. We also ask authors to acknowledge, in any relevant publication, that their paper was part of the WEA conference.

Archives: Past conferences

At the end of the conference the call, papers, and comments will be stored in the WEA archives and are open access (see However, after the publication of special issues or a WEA book related to the conference, the webpage will only store the abstracts and comments.

Papers and comments can also be withdrawn at the request of their authors.

The Book Stalls will also remain part of the conference archive.