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Contribute to the TCP

Contributions to the WEA Textbook Commentaries Project (TCP) can be made in the form of:

  • Commentaries (email Stuart Birks)
  • Comments on a commentary (add directly via the web page for the commentary)
  • Suggestions for books and web links (email Stuart Birks)


A commentary should relate to a specific textbook chapter or to a theme. New themes can be added as required.

Individual points should be brief, perhaps up to 500 words, stand-alone and easy to follow. Where commentaries comprise a collection of points they should be numbered and comprise no more than about 1500-2000 words in total.

Commentaries can consist of or include extracts from your published books or articles if this does not infringe copyright. The source works can then be cited for those seeking further information.

A commentary could also link to a short YouTube clip, in which case the text should include a brief summary of the clip.

There is scope to develop collections of commentaries to illustrate an alternative representation, such as that of political economy, or with an institutional, behavioural, or historical focus. These could be designed to ‘overlay’ a standard course. Some of these are currently under consideration. If you have an interest in setting up or participating in one of these, email Stuart Birks.

Remember that the main audience is likely to be first or second year university students. They could be from anywhere in the world, and English may not be their first language.