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The European Crisis

Edited by Victor Beker and Beniamino Moro

Published 13 Sept 2016 by WEA Books

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Edited by Victor Beker and Beniamino Moro

Copyright © 2016 Individual authors. All rights reserved.

Introduction Victor A. Beker and Beniamino Moro 7
Chapter 1 The euro, long-run convergence and the impact of the crises Enrico Marelli and Marcello Signorelli 15
Chapter 2 A euro area government – A dream come true? Tom Vleeschhouwer and Tara Koning 47
Chapter 3 Parallel currencies, Varoufakis’ plan B and the ongoing debate on euro Jacques Sapir 83
Chapter 4 The euro area’s experience with unconventional monetary policy Cristiano Boaventura Duarte and André de Melo Modenesi 113
Chapter 5 Greece: conditions and strategies for economic recovery Dimitri B. Papadimitriou, Michalis Nikiforos and Gennaro Zezza 145
Chapter 6 Economic policy and political power in European crises Gerson P. Lima 177
Chapter 7 At the root of economic fluctuations: expectations, preferences and innovation. Theoretical framework and empirical evidences Carmelo Ferlito 201
Chapter 8 Unemployment around the North Atlantic, 1948-2014 Merijn Knibbe 251
Conclusions Victor A. Beker and Beniamino Moro 277

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The World Economics Association’s on-line forums are an important step toward the goal of open exchange on policy questions among economists of diverse views world-wide. I congratulate Victor Beker and Beniamin Moro, who here bring together a set of important papers on the European question.

James K. Galbraith, The University of Texas at Austin, USA

The huge debates on the future of the EU as well as the management of the Euro are among the hottest issues in both contemporary politics and finance. The papers in this volume offer a broad survey of the terrain and a broad menu of possible solutions. The authors and the WEA have provided a major public service with this text of great interest for both the general public and for policymakers.

Carlos Marichal , El Colegio de México, Mexico

The European Union is suffering from many crises – and many self-inflicted through the structures of the Eurozone. This book is to be highly welcomed for debating the causes of those crises and seeking ways forward. These authors have set out agendas – when will the policy makers join the debates?

Malcolm Sawyer, University of Leeds, UK

Is the Eurozone project sustainable? If so what reforms are required, and if not what are the alternatives? This collection of papers makes a timely contribution to urgent debate about the nature of the problems with the Eurozone and how to address them. The volume represents a range of perspectives on the subject, enhanced by the online discussion available on the WEA conference website. I commend the book to anyone concerned about the future of Europe.

Sheila Dow, University of Stirling, UK

The book is an interesting collection of excellent papers dealing with the crisis that is now facing the Euro Area and the European Union as well as its long-run economic and political roots. It can be recommended as offering a perspective complementary to those given by the current literature.

Nicola Acocella, University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, Italy

ISBN (eBook):978-1-911156-32-1
ISBN (print):978-1-84890-208-4