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We are going to close the Discussion Forum of the WEA Conference Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy 80 Years Later with a Webinar meeting to be held on Wednesday, March 27th, between 4:00 pm and 6.30 pm UK time zone.

WEA Online conference

CAPITALISM, SOCIALISM AND DEMOCRACY 80 YEARS LATER Looking at capitalism today in light of its past and possible future

Economic Thought Vol 11 No 2

Featuring papers by:Jamie Morgan, Thomas Lambert, and John R. Stinespring … and an interview with Yanis Varoufakis by Michel Zouboulakis

WEA Commentaries Volume 13, Issue No. 1, July 2023

Summary of the Great Transformation by Polanyi Asad Zaman Economics, Anthropology and the Origin of Money as a Bargaining Counter Patrick Spread “Capitalism is the most successful, but also the most destructive ideological-economic system”. An interview with Laibach Mitja Stefancic Brainstorming: Negative …
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Real-World Economics Review 103, March ’23

How to Make the Oil Industry Go BustTechnological Change and Strategic Sabotage: A Capital as Power Analysis of the US Semiconductor BusinessDo copyrights and paywalls on academic journals violate the US Constitution?Mainstream economics – the poverty of fictional storytellingWhy do economists persist in using …
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The Inequality Crisis

Edited by Edward Fullbrook and Jamie Morgan “These authors boldly stride where other economists toddle”Richard B. Norgaard Contributions from: Holger Apel, Marshall Auerback, Dean Baker, Victor A. Beker, Geoff Crocker, Edward Fullbrook, James Galbraith and Jaehee Choi, Jayati Ghosh, Girol …
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Capital and Justice

A new book from WEA Books Edited by Gerson P. Lima and Maria Alejandra Madi The book Capital and Justice calls for a deep examination of current power, politics and economics in a social context where democratic institutions are being …
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Trumponomics – Causes and Consequences

A new ebook from the WEA Two things seem generally agreed about Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States: it is, for good or for bad, potentially a major historical turning point and its most important determinant was …
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Narrative fixation in economics, Edward Fullbrook

“This is a great book. Against the background of the dogmatism of much of modern economics, Edward Fullbrook has produced an innovative and wide-ranging argument for narrative pluralism. The timely book is beautifully written, accessible to all, provocative, extraordinarily insightful, …
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Green Capitalism: The God that Failed

“Essential reading for anyone opposed to planetary suicide. Capitalism is waging a war against nature. And until this becomes obvious to masses of people, we will be limited to reformist projects that can only slow the drive to oblivion, but …
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