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WEA Commentaries Volume 11, Issue No. 2, July 2021

EU taxation capabilities and the way forward towards institutional progress in Europe: an interview with Jakob Kapeller ›Beyond Economism ›Economics — a severe case of misplaced idolatry of ‘rigour’ ›Austerity and gender in Brazil: insights from the international literature ›Each …
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The Inequality Crisis

Edited by Edward Fullbrook and Jamie Morgan “These authors boldly stride where other economists toddle”Richard B. Norgaard Contributions from: Holger Apel, Marshall Auerback, Dean Baker, Victor A. Beker, Geoff Crocker, Edward Fullbrook, James Galbraith and Jaehee Choi, Jayati Ghosh, Girol …
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Economic Thought Vol 9 No 2

With articles by: Jorge L. Andere, Jorge Luis Canché-Escamilla, Álvaro Cano-EscalanteJohn F. TomerOswin Krüger RuizAbderrazak Belabes

Trade Wars Conference opens

The United States declared an economic war on China in early 2018, a unilateral action that places the question of what regime we are about to enter after the weakening of the existing multilateral trade agencies. This conference calls for …
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The Great Lockdown: An Interpretative Attempt

The advent of the global Covid-19 crisis created new challenges for businesses, workers, and policymakers. Their outcomes have transforming implications for all countries, industries, businesses of all sizes, and societies. The Covid-19 twin economic and health crises call for a …
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Capital and Justice

A new book from WEA Books Edited by Gerson P. Lima and Maria Alejandra Madi The book Capital and Justice calls for a deep examination of current power, politics and economics in a social context where democratic institutions are being …
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Trumponomics – Causes and Consequences

A new ebook from the WEA Two things seem generally agreed about Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States: it is, for good or for bad, potentially a major historical turning point and its most important determinant was …
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Narrative fixation in economics, Edward Fullbrook

“This is a great book. Against the background of the dogmatism of much of modern economics, Edward Fullbrook has produced an innovative and wide-ranging argument for narrative pluralism. The timely book is beautifully written, accessible to all, provocative, extraordinarily insightful, …
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Green Capitalism: The God that Failed

“Essential reading for anyone opposed to planetary suicide. Capitalism is waging a war against nature. And until this becomes obvious to masses of people, we will be limited to reformist projects that can only slow the drive to oblivion, but …
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