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The Inequality Crisis

Edited by Edward Fullbrook and Jamie Morgan

Published 22 Oct 2020 by WEA Books

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These authors boldly stride where other economists toddle.

Richard B. Norgaard

A collection of articles on the much-avoided subject of inequality – articles that are too revealing and too accessible to be accepted for publication by the complacent journals of the neoclassical cartel.

Herman Daly

This is a magnificent collection of essays. It can and should be read by both undergraduate students and research economists. Inequality is the issue of our time.

Thomas Palley

Contributions from: Holger Apel, Marshall Auerback, Dean Baker, Victor A. Beker, Geoff Crocker, Edward Fullbrook, James Galbraith and Jaehee Choi, Jayati Ghosh, Girol Karacaoglu , Richard C. Koo, Jamie Morgan, Ann Pettifor, Steven Pressman, Peter Radford, Erik S. Reinert, David F. Ruccio, Robert H. Wade, David A. Westbrook.


ISBN (print):978-1911156574