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The Economics Curriculum: Towards a radical reformulation

Maria Alejandro Madi and Jack Reardon

Published 1 Nov 2014 by WEA Books

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Edited by Maria Alejandro Madi and Jack Reardon

© Individual authors, WEA and College Publications 2014. All rights reserved.
ISBN 978-1-84890-157-5
Published by College Publications on behalf of the World Economics Association


Part One: Setting the scene
Introduction Jack Reardon and Maria Alejandra Madi

Part Two: Challenging the current economics curriculum
Chapter 1. Economics textbooks – anomalies and transmogrification of truth Lars Pålsson Syll
Chapter 2. Challenging the current economics curriculum: creating challengers and changes Asad Zaman

Part Three: Current gaps in economics curriculum
Chapter 3. The role of methodology in the economics curriculum Sheila C. Dow
Chapter 4. Should the history of economic thought be included in undergraduate curricula? Alessandro Roncaglia
Chapter 5. The multinationals’ age is everywhere but in the economics curriculum Grazia Ietto-Gillies
Chapter 6. Teaching finance: a real world approach Maria Alejandra Madi
Chapter 7. Teaching economic policy in Italy Nicola Acocella

Part Four: Laying the foundations for a future economics curriculum
Chapter 8. Five ideas that should be included in microeconomics textbooks David Hemenway
Chapter 9. Market, Human mind and social change: a pluralistic and interdisciplinary perspective Arturo Hermann
Chapter 10. Notes on a real world economics curriculum Paul Ormerod
Chapter 11. A new economics curriculum for a new century and a new economy Constantine E. Passaris
Chapter 12. A radical reformation of economics education Jack Reardon

Part Five: Conclusion
Moving forward Maria Alejandra Madi and Jack Reardon

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ISBN (eBook):978-1-911156-23-9
ISBN (print):978-1-84890-165-0