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Economic Philosophy: Complexities in Economics

John Davis, Wade Hands

Published Jan 2020 by WEA Books

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“The contributions collected in this inspiring edition . . . show how the focus on relational setups, emergent properties and adaptiveness, suggested by a complexity approach, perfectly aligns with a variety of traditional approaches in heterodox economics."

Jakob Kapeller, University Duisburg-Essen

This book offers a pluralist exposition on multiple meanings and levels of complexity, shedding light on the normative and practical implications that various approaches to complexity involve. We hope that this title will inspire a sustained interest in exchanging ideas and looking for new interconnections between different debates. This is important for academic and practical reasons. As many contemporary problems such as climate change or inequality involve unprecedented levels of complexity, they pose a challenge for both economic theories and methodologies.

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“A must read for anybody interested in the many faces of complexity at the crossroads between economics and philosophy.”

Dorian Jullien, Université Côte d’Azure

“Few concepts have attracted more publicity and less conceptual scrutiny as the term ‘complexity’ in economics. Therefore, this volume is a most welcome contribution.”

Claudius Gräbner, University of Duisburg-Essen

ISBN (eBook):978-1-911156-50-5
ISBN (print):978-1-911156-49-9