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YSI Plenary: Piecing Together a Paradigm

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Piecing Together a Paradigm

YSI Plenary ∙ October 19-22, 2016 ∙ Central European University, Budapest

 Economic thinking is in crisis. New frameworks are needed to guide our thinking. New approaches are being developed, but efforts are fragmented and need to be brought together if we hope to piece together a paradigm.

 On October 19-22, 2016, at the Central European University in Budapest, the Institute for New Economic Thinking’s Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) will hold its first plenary, under the title “Piecing Together a Paradigm”.

 YSI is a community of research-oriented students and young scholars. We embrace open debate and critical and self-reflective thinking, which will lead us to better understand economic phenomena. The event will bring together 14 diverse YSI working groups — each searching for frameworks to guide their research — to place their work in a bigger picture, asking how the specific questions of each group fit together.

 We envision the plenary as an opportunity for our working groups to encounter and inspire each other enriched by the mentorship of more than 40 pre-eminent thinkers, including Beatrice Cherrier, Sheila Dow, Gary Dymski, Doyne Farmer, Geoffrey Hodgson, Stephen Kinsella, Alan Kirman, Bill Lazonick, Marc Lavoie, Tiago Mata, Mariana Mazzucato, Perry Mehrling, Philip Mirowski, Julie Nelson, Arturo O’Connell, Jonathan Ostry, Zoltan Poszar, Sanjay Reddy, Don Ross, Margaret Schabas, Alyssa Schneebaum, and Lord Adair Turner.

 The conference will also help to set the research agenda for YSI’s coming year and will include:

  • Comprehensive parallel working group meeting schedule for 14 working groups
  • High profile open sessions hosted by the working groups
  • Keynote addresses and big picture panels with leading economic thinkers
  • Community plenaries to set our overall agenda for the coming year

 To participate in the event, a registration is required. Visit:

From: p.5 of World Economics Association Newsletter 6(4), August 2016

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2 responses

  • Anders Ekeland says:

    I would recommend taking a look at Anwar Shaik’s last book, that’s an bold an interesting attempt to create a new paradigm, by the key concepts of “real competition” as opposed to “Perfect stagnation” (in text-books called competition” and “turbulent regulation” as the new conceptualisation of the dynamic equalisation of prices and profit rates, never reaching any stable equilibrium though.

  • Rick Casey says:

    The new paradigm is Ecological Economics. It’s three principles are scale, fairness and efficiency….and I would add, in that order. Economists and ecologists should be standing shoulder to shoulder commanding the urgent need to address humane ways to deal with population growth….then building fairness into the economy…..and after those have been addressed, issues of efficiency. In other words, efficiency is overrated, and will not produce the economy we desire.

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