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News on the WEA conferences front

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News on the WEA conferences front

The Brazil conference has just ended. There have been several excellent papers. They received a good number of comments in spite of the overlap with more attention-seeking activities in Brazil such as La Copa do Mundo. Many thanks to Maria Madi and Marcelo Milan for organizing it.

Our next conference will be on: Greece and Austerity Policies. Where next for its Economy and Society? The leaders are: Yannis Dafermos, Marika Frangakis and Christos Tsironis. The Discussion Forum will be open: 20th October to 21st December. There is still time to submit your paper. The deadline for submission is: 27th September.

WEA members may have noted that we have lengthened the Discussion Forum period for our conferences. We noticed that many conference papers continued to have a substantial number of hits well after the closing period of the original 6 weeks Forum. This prompted us to change our strategy and allow a longer period for people to think through their comments. It should also be noted that papers which have no or few comments may still have a considerable number of hits and downloads which shows interest in them.

Future plans include a conference on: The nuclear industry after Fukushimaled by Profs Ken-Ichi Oshima and Chikako Nakayama. Work is in progress and the dates have not been fixed yet. It will be in 2015.

Two more conferences are under discussion: one on the Welfare State and the other on Europe and the EURO. They are still at early stages.

 From: p.4 of World Economics Association Newsletter 4(4), August 2014

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