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Collected works of Claude Hillinger Volume 2

Claude Hillinger

Published 7 June 2016 by WEA Books

This collection of important Claude Hillinger essays covers a range of key issues, including the following:

  • How the fractional reserve system and complex derivatives caused the Global Financial Crisis
  • Why economics has never became a progressive empirical science leading to a growing body of well substantiated empirical regularities as well as reaching agreement as to their explanation
  • The relation of Keynes’ theory of employment to business cycle theory
  • The disequilibrium dynamics of the balance of payments and their relation to “the dollar cycle”
  • A reformulation of the quantity theory of money, and
  • How a more comprehensive system of accounts would enable a drastic simplification in the construction of economic models.

You will have the option to download this book in PDF.

ISBN (eBook):978-1-911156-31-4