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Economic Thought

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Economic Thought, the online-based journal of the World Economics Association, is ready to accept article submissions from scholars working in the history of economic thought, economic history, methodology of economics and philosophy of economics. The journal welcomes submissions addressing all aspects of the aforementioned sub-disciplines with an emphasis on original and path-breaking research.

In line with the objectives of the World Economics Association, the journal seeks to support and advance interdisciplinary research that investigates the potential links between economics and other disciplines as well as contributions that challenge the divide between normative and positive approaches. Contributions from outside the mainstream debates in the history and philosophy of economics are also encouraged. In particular, the journal seeks to promote research that draws on a broad range of cultural and intellectual traditions.

Economic Thought is committed to openness in academic publishing and wishes to enhance the social and cooperative aspects of research. Once submissions have been vetted by the editors, those that fall within the journal’s remit and meet acceptable standards of professional quality will be assessed through the open peer review process. Papers of up to 8000 words (with named authors) are posted on the journal’s Open Peer Discussion forum (OPD) for a period of eight weeks in order to solicit comment and debate. The editors may also request further comments or reviews from experts in relevant fields. The editors aim to reach a decision on publication no later than 12 weeks after posting the paper to the OPD.

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Eithne Murphy, National University of Ireland Galway
Constantinos Repapis, UK, Goldsmiths, University of London
Michel Zouboulakis, Greece, University of Thessaly

Managing Editor

Kyla Rushman

To contact the editors email

Board of Editors

Richard Arena, France, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis
Robert U. Ayres, France, INSEAD
Daniel W. Bromley, USA, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Bruce Caldwell, USA, Duke University
Victoria Chick, UK, Univeristy of London
David C. Colander, USA, Middlebury College
John B. Davis, Netherlands, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Jean-Pierre Dupuy, France, École Polytechnique and Stanford University
Donald Gillies, UK, University of London
Tony Lawson, UK, Cambridge University
Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Italy, La Sapienza, Università di Roma
Stephen Marglin, USA, Harvard University
Manfred Max-Neef, Chile, Universidad Austral de Chile
Deirdre McCloskey, USA, University of Illinois at Chicago
Erik S Reinert, Norway, The Other Canon
Alessandro Roncaglia, Italy, La Sapienza, Università di Roma
Irene van Staveren, Netherlands, Erasmus University